Big Uptick In Moms Making Purchases On Mobile

Moms have gotten more comfortable converting on a mobile device.

The U.S. Mobile Mom 2015 survey, conducted by BabyCenter, the pregnancy and parenting Web site, shows a 33% increase in moms using smartphones to make actual purchases.

64% of moms said that they’d completed a purchase via mobile in the last month. In 2014, only 48% said the same.

A big 70% of moms surveyed said they have used their smartphones for shopping, while inside a physical store, 48% of them said they would make a purchase with their device if the item was unavailable in the store.

Since last year, moms are visiting retailer and shopping sites more (up 7% from 2014 to 73%), using mobile coupons (up 13% to 61%) and retailer apps (up 14% to 58%) more, looking up prices online while shopping in a store (up 14% to 56%), and more likely to take a picture of something they are considering buying (up 14% to 47%).



More moms are also using their devices to scan products in-store to look for deals or check prices on large online retailers like Amazon.

According to new research from Influence Central, millennial-age moms are also more likely to follow brands on social media, make product recommendations on social media and trust bloggers and personal recommendations than paid advertisements.

Brands and retailers marketing to moms need a strong mobile presence and access to accurate location data in order to reach consumers in-store and on their devices simultaneously. As more moms use phones for in-store price comparison and make purchases on phones, retailers and marketers need to be there to meet them.

BabyCenter reaches 45 million moms and 11 million dads monthly in 13 markets globally.

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