Google's Vision Of The Connected Home

Google's Nest may be best known for its thermostats, but the company wants to be the master of the home -- and its new "Magic of Home" campaign is designed with a simple and straightforward message to educate consumers about its numerous smart technologies. 

"Nest has never been just about connected thermostats [and] smoke alarm cameras," says Doug Sweeny, CMO, Nest. "It's all in service of creating a home that comes to life, takes care of those in it, like a member of your family. That's fertile creative territory, and where we want to firmly plant the Nest flag." 

The multifaceted campaign developed with BBH New York, targets design- and tech-enthusiast homeowners with out-of-home and print media that highlight various Nest products against colorful wallpaper backgrounds. 

These custom wallpaper designs were created by various illustrators to be impactful and evoke a range of styles from traditional to whimsical, according to the agency. And since Nest products are currently sold in seven countries, the agency wanted to create a campaign that would resonate across borders.  



Ads appear in magazines including Arch Digest, Economist, The Atlantic, Dwell, Bon Appetit, Monocale, Wired, Wallpaper, NY Times Magazine, and WSJ Magazine. Out-of-Home media runs in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Paris, and Amsterdam, among other markets. Retailers that are running in-store signage include John Lewis, Apple, Target, Home Depot, and Best Buy. 

TV spots are designed to "bring Nest homes to life" with voiceovers that "assume the personalities of different homes to reveal what it’s like to be a house and what they think of Nest," according to BBH. The ads will run during national prime time, specifically "Blacklist," "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," "SNL," and HGTV. Digital ads are running on YouTube, Hulu, Flipboard, and the Weather Channel. 

BBH New York started working with Nest on a "creative project partnership earlier this fall, as Nest has its own internal creative team as well. BBH collaborated on creating "The Magic of Home" campaign, BBH created the print and OOH and Nest made the TV spots.  

“When someone speaks about the magic of home, what they’re really talking about is a feeling of comfort, safety and being cared for," says John Patroulis, creative chairman at BBH New York. "Nest helps create this with the products they make, and how they work to literally bring a home magically to life in response to who the individual is.” 

This campaign represents a new direction for the Google-owned brand. The Magic of Home campaign is broadening Nest's approach to focus more on the home and the magic, experiences and memories that take place inside those walls, as told by the home itself. Its previous campaigns, by comparison, were much more closely focused on the individual products and features. 

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