Taco Bell Is Big Brand Winner During World Series Game One

Kansas City Royals may lead the NY Mets 1-0 in the World Series, but the big winners were brands that took advantage of real-time social media chatter, according to an analysis by Amobee Brand Intelligence.  

Taco Bell generated 17,505 Tweets for a promotion where they are giving away free A.M. Crunchwrap breakfast sandwiches to everyone in America on November 5th, if anyone steals a base in either Game 1 or Game 2 of The World Series. The Royals’ Lorenzo Cain stole one Monday night. 

However, not all brands benefited from positive social media conversation. The game was postponed in the fourth inning after Fox Sports lost their game feed when primary and backup generators failed.  

While fans were waiting for the game, they took to Twitter. There were 114,561 tweets around Fox with the sentiment for those tweets being 13% positive, 64% neutral, and surprisingly, only 23% negative.  



Google Fiber also felt some wrath Monday evening from customers when its internet and TV services crashed in Kansas City right before the game started. As a result, fans sent 3,699 tweets, with 10% positive, 57% neutral, and 33% negative. 

Maytag and Snickers both immediately tried to capitalize on these technical difficulties, but with little success. There was 184 retweets of the Maytag tweet saying "With Maytag, there’s never a shortage of power. #TechnicalDifficulties #WorldSeries” with an accompanying GIF, while there was 68 retweets around Snickers posting "You know how to avoid #TechnicalDifficulties in the future? #EatASnicker." 

There were plenty of opportunities for brands to get in on the action during the game since the 14 inning match lasted more than five hours. In all, there were 1,167,435 tweets, including 264,303 tweets around the hashtag #WorldSeries, and 172,539 tweets around the phrase World Series. 

The Royals also beat the Mets in the online realm with 137,610 Tweets mentioning their team compared to 137,052 tweets mentioning the Mets.  

Amobee analyzed digital content engagement across more than 600,000 sites across mobile, video, web and social to measure what people are seeing, reading, interacting and engaging with online.

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