GoDaddy: SEO Marketers Need A Louder Megaphone

GoDaddy engineers have developed a Search Engine Visibility (SEV) tool designed to determine the needs of Web site owners before recommending appropriate actions, keywords and content, using easy-to-understand questions. The tool is designed to improve site optimization, and since domain names and SEO go hand in hand, I'm a little surprised the company doesn't tout its offering and the importance of optimization a little louder.

From the recommendations generated by SEV, the owner of the Web site then chooses among the suggestions, clicks on a button and the updates are automatically configured throughout the Web site, removing the need to manually edit the code. Kristen Ennis. a product marketing manager at GoDaddy, writes in a blog post that the company has offered the tool for years, but recently revamped it and is now charging less than $7 per month.



Jim Christian, head of SEO at GoDaddy, spoke with Loren Baker at Search Engine Journal about educating teams within the workplace outside of the search division about SEO. He highlights the importance of creating a community so the entire company remains informed about challenges and advances, even if they're not in a technical department.

There's a lot to think about when it comes to SEO tasks, as Moz founder Rand Fishkin suggests in this post. "Even for the most organized among us, it can be really difficult to prioritize our to-dos and make sure we're getting the highest return on them," he writes in a post. So in this week's Whiteboard Friday, he tackles ways to prioritize SEO tasks and investments.

Metrics remain one of the most valuable tools, along with knowing how to capture and measure the correct numbers and identifying what's working and what's not to derail any potential problems. This is one of the key points in Fishkin's post because through metrics, he provides details on how to correct the problem something goes wrong either in the planning phase or implementation.

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