Can Facebook Out-Snapchat Snapchat?

Facebook has no chill.

Earlier this week, it basically launched its own version of Twitter. Just like Twitter, the new Notify app encourages users to select push notifications that appeal to them to create their own content mix.

Now comes word that the social beast is testing a disappearing message option within its Messenger app in France. Obviously, it's a direct shot at Snapchat and its disappearing messages. 

To Facebook, we say, “Why not?” The move’s a little light on chill, but Snapchat is doing better than great. The app is reportedly enjoying 6 billion video views a day -- up a whopping 300% since May.

What’s more, consumers can’t get enough of mobile messaging apps at the moment. Worldwide, 75% of smartphone users will deploy an over-the-top mobile messaging app at least once a month this year. By 2018, the number of chat-app users worldwide will reach 2 billion -- representing 80% of smartphone users, eMarketer expects.

Thanks to significant reach in more than 20 countries, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger -- both owned by Facebook -- are now what eMarketer calls "global powerhouse" apps.

To Snapchat, we say, “Don’t worry about it.” There’s little to no chance of core users defecting for what they clearly see as a less-cool platform like Facebook. As I noted the other day, the only credible threat to Snapchat is the next cool startup.

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