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Is Mobile Programmatic A Brand Builder or Brand Buster?

  • AdAge, Monday, November 16, 2015 11:01 PM
Ad Age weighs in on mobile programmatic as the next big thing and three things marketers need to know about it. First, according to eMarketer, mobile programmatic display ad spending will account for more than 60% of total U.S. programmatic display ad spending in 2015. Marketers need to keep in mind three things about mobile programmatic before entering this largely "uncharted territory": 1. Mobile data goes from valuable to useless in minutes. 2. Efficiency is not the enemy of creativity. 3. Weave in "dark social." "Dark social" refers to the fact that most social sharing occurs in private communication (emails, instant messages, texts, etc.) that's often beyond the grasp of marketers -- thus the term "dark" social.

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