Canvas Worldwide Canvasses For Awesome Talent Via New Ad Campaign

In August, Horizon Media and Innocean USA announced a joint venture to launch Canvas Worldwide, a global media agency network that will have as its charter client the $700 million Hyundai Motor America and Kia Motors America account that has been handled until now by Interpublic’s Initiative. 

Now, this new entity is seeking 200 staffers to fill its ranks and is launching a major ad campaign to get the word out. 

Rolling out in New York and Los Angeles, Canvas Worldwide is launching a recruiting initiative that includes digital, social and out-of-home media, including full bus wraps as well as bus and subway transit signage.  

The campaign targets media and ad pros with a straightforward message about its ideal candidates. Ads say "The truth is funny. The truth can hurt. The truth tells it like it is." And "In building a new, independent, creatively driven media agency, Canvas Worldwide wants to attract truth tellers -- those individuals who recognize that shooting it straight is the only way to develop innovative media solutions in this rapidly changing media landscape." 



"The Canvas Worldwide recruiting campaign was born of flashpoint creativity," says Chris Halas, creative director, Innocean USA. "We just looked right to the name, Canvas. What happens when you look at a blank canvas? You’re either stricken with fear or you’re truly inspired by the experience.” 

Canvas executives acknowledge that most of their targeted talent base is most likely employed. "People who truly believe in what they’re doing tend to be excited and passionate about limitless possibilities," says Halas. "And they also know when they are stuck in a stifling situation. We thought this campaign had real potential to appeal to fearless media minds by offering them an exciting career opportunity.” 

The effort runs through January with a quick turn-around hiring schedule. Canvas hopes to be fully staffed by the beginning of next year to service the charter car account. 

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