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Is Programmatic Advertising Relevant In B2B?

Andrew Dalglish reports that the B2B Barometer Report states that two-thirds (64%) of B2B marketers describe programmatic advertising as irrelevant. Dalglish says it's striking because an estimated 59% of digital ad spend in the UK, that’s £1.8 billion, is programmatic and next year it’s forecast to reach 70%. Yet, most B2B marketers still don’t see it as relevant. ...It’s strange because if we break it down, programmatic is unarguably attractive.... A report by AppNexus identifies two key challenges hindering the wider adoption of programmatic – a lack of understanding about how to use it and a fear that ad content will end up on undesirable sites. I’d add another two reasons to this which are more specific to B2B: Digital advertising quite simply isn’t a big area of expenditure for most B2B marketers.


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