The Intersection of Smart Objects, Consumers and Messaging

In somewhat of an interesting twist in The Internet of Things, there are now starting to be devices that watch devices.

This evolution of home monitoring systems could add an additional complexity for marketers who look to tap into the machine-to-consumer information flow for marketing and messaging purposes.

The more traditional approach to tracking Internet-connected objects is to provide consumers with technology that allows them to remotely monitor whatever smart objects they have.

For example, a smartphone can be used to remotely monitor and control a smart thermostat, much like mobile apps are used to aggregate and provide results from wearable fitness trackers.

And then there are devices to remotely track things going on at home. For example, the Neposmart indoor camera and garage controller continually monitors the garage door and send the owner a mobile message if the door is left open, which then can be closed remotely.

But monitors are starting to go beyond that.

For example, the Vivint Sky mobile app can remotely monitor smart home devices, such as a doorbell being rung or a smoke detector. Then the company teamed with an open marketing platform to combine the monitoring and operation of disparate systems, such as lights, automatic door locks, smoke detectors, garage door openers and outdoor cameras.

Another device, Dojo, connects into a home network and monitors other devices on the same network. It essentially aggregates the other connected objects and constantly keeps an eye on all of them to make sure all are working properly.

And yet another device, called Sense, monitors all connected devices in a home and checks all the traffic coming into and out of those devices to make sure all the data is secure.

Systems such as these are a part of The Internet of Everything, where consumers, smart object and messaging all intersect. The coming challenge will be to determine the best messaging -- and the best fit -- in the mix.

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