Serving Up A Bit Of Gratitude With Turkey

Stuffing and sweet potatoes are the most searched-for recipes across the United States during the past three years, according to Google Trends. The most searched-for method to cook a turkey puts Roasting at No. 1, Smoking at No. 2, and Frying at No. 3.

I'm trying something new for me this year -- brining. I typically just season the turkey and put it in a cooking bag to roast, hope for the best and let the oven do the rest. It typically comes out moist. This year I will brine the turkey before sticking it in the cooking bag. Green bean casserole, potatoes au gratin, mashed sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, barbeque tri tip roasts, and roasted turkey. I'm going traditional this year.

Many of those searches are done via smartphone. Friends and family are the primary way that 38% of connected device users discover content on media sites, according to Nielsen's Q3 Connected Devices Report. The second most popular way people find content is searching on their own on their device at 29%, followed by browsing the app store at 22%.

Insights from Nielsen Mobile Netview found that in October 2015, the most popular app categories based on time spent per month were search engines, portals, and social networking with 16 hours and two minutes, entertainment at 13 hours and 27 minutes, and communication apps at 4 hours and 39 minutes.

Let's face it -- Thanksgiving Day is more about showing and reaffirming a lifestyle full of gratitude rather than what you'll eat or serve during dinner or shopping. It's also about being with friends and family, giving thanks and helping others.

Last weekend I purchased a sign to hang in my home that couldn't be more relevant. It reads: Be Thankful. Live Simply. Be Kind. Do Your Best. Use Please And Thank You. Cherish Family And Friends. Never Give Up. Believe In Yourself. Listen With Your Heart. Help Others. Laugh Often And Love Lots.

I'm grateful for you. Happy Thanksgiving! We'll be back together again Friday.

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  1. Tobi Elkin from MediaPost, November 27, 2015 at 9:58 a.m.

    Hi Laurie, how'd your brining process go? I was served turkey that the hostess told me she had "brined" so I'm curious about this. The turkey was delicious. Interesting notes on Thanksgiving-related was very slow on Wed. but did turn up a good sweet potato casserole recipe that I tried. Thanks for highlighting the importance of gratitude in your SearchBlog!

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