NEW! Edeka Launches The Next Christmas Ad To Make You Cry

Grocery chain Edeka is the latest brand to launch a touching Christmas ad that brings a tear to your eye. The 1:45 ad begins with an adorable grandfather watching his neighbors prepare for the holiday: decorations are up, family is arriving and everyone is happy.

Then, the grandfather gets news from his family members that they can't make it home for Christmas. So what does Grandpa do? He fakes his death. Family members receive formal cards in the mail about grandpa's passing. This was a tipoff for me -- no one has a phone nowadays?

Everyone is sad, reflective and traveling from all over the world. When they all meet at the grandfather's house, they find a dining room table filled with food. Grandpa emerges from the kitchen and says: "How else could I have brought you all together?" Score! Watch it here, created by Jung von Matt.



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