True Influence Launches Data-As-A-Service Platform For Lead Generation

Lead generation company True Influence Wednesday launched a data solution that empowers B2B email marketers to monitor online behavior and target prospects at the very beginning of the purchase cycle -- the research stage.

The new data-as-a-service (DaaS) platform, InsightBASE, boosts B2B email marketing by identifying where marketers can engage with customers before they identify themselves to the market. Targeting potential customers during the research stage gives marketers a leg up on the competition, especially considering how 74% businesses conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase according to Forrester Research.

“The B2B buying journey begins with online research,” says Brian Giese, CEO of True Influence.

InsightBASE gives marketers monitoring visits to third-party B2B Web sites. It provides a new view and a new opportunity that marketers never had access to before, and marketers are enjoying an average improvement of 400% in campaign conversion results, he says 



InsightBASE monitors online activity by individuals visiting business Web sites from their corporate domains, and then compares the activity level of target companies over time to identify increased interest of certain keywords.

True Influence claims that InsightBASE identifies corporate purchase intentions and online behavior through 20 billion different data points online. These so-called ‘intent signals’ are growing quickly on the platform and InsightBASE is gaining 3 billion intent signals per month.

Email marketers can leverage the service to send more timely and relevant email campaigns based on pre-set triggers. For example, an automated email can be sent to target companies who have shown an increased interest in a certain type of product. The platform also features target account-based display advertising.

An added benefit to InsightBASE is that it can be integrated with existing CRM or marketing automation systems, including Oracle Eloqua, Marketo and Salesforce.

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  1. Robin Caller from LOLA GROVE, December 16, 2015 at 6:56 p.m.

    Forgive me. 
    I'm not clear.
    Can someone please explain this better? 
    Is this 'email retargeting' triggered by code on content?
    Does True Influence send the email?
    Does 'everyone' at a target company get sent an email when only one person at that company visits a tagged website? 
    I think I understand,  but I don't think that the article is very clear.

    And, while I might believe that 20 billion different Web pages are tagged,  I'm not really convinced that 3 billion intent signals are generated.  That's nearly half of the global adult population,  isn't it? 

    If someone from true influence would like to explain the service to me, I'd be obliged.  Robin at Lolagrove. 

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