Microsoft Adds Minor Windows Updates, Potentially Exposes Privacy

Microsoft has rolled out minor updates to several Windows applications, including adding new features to the Microsoft Outlook Mail app for Windows.

Microsoft released a new round of updates for several Windows 10 applications, including Outlook Mail and Calendar as well as Windows Alarms and Clock. Although the updates are minor, they could increase the usability and functionality of the mobile applications.

In addition to debugging Windows Alarms and Clock, Microsoft Outlook Mail and Calendar for Windows has been updated to feature the iOS ability to undo accidentally deleted items, such as meeting invitations or important emails.

The updated mobile application also includes a helpful “what’s new” feature that displays updated information and features. Microsoft had previously stated that similar release information would only be provided with major updates, so this could be a hint of an upcoming, larger and needed update in the company’s future.



Microsoft has received negative feedback in several recent updates, including criticism for not providing change logs for Windows 10 app and iOS updates. The company has also been hit with criticism for releasing previous upgrades that were riddled with bugs, including a recent Office upgrade that caused serious problems for users. In some cases, Microsoft’s Windows 10 cumulative update (KB 3124200) caused all Microsoft Word customizations to be deleted, including any self-built templates such as Excel financial grids or email marketing templates.

Microsoft has also reportedly put the privacy of millions of customers at risk through a built-in encryption feature in Windows 10 that automatically uploads recovery keys to Microsoft’s servers -- a potentially easy target for persistent cybercriminals.

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