CloudMagic Monetizes, Expands Distraction-Free Email App To Mac

CloudMagic, a popular mobile email service with 3 million users on both iOS and Android, today expanded its email application to support desktop Mac computers.

The email service features standardized products that consumers now expect, such as instant push notifications, quick filters for reviewing mail and a consistent user experience cross-device.

Where CloudMagic shines, however, is in its universal compatibility and distraction-free writing mode. Not only does CloudMagic support any email service including Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, Outlook and Office 365, but it also features a simplified user interface that promotes focus and prioritization.

CloudMagic’s distraction-free compose mode deletes side menus and chat options that otherwise fill and clutter the screen to offer users a simplified, easier-to-use interface when compared to other service providers. Keyboard shortcuts also increase productivity by quickly allowing users to archive, reply, favorite or mark as read any email.

The cloud-based company also claims to save mobile device battery life by pushing emails from the cloud, and a remote-wipe option helps safeguard personal information in case of fraud or theft. 

Today’s expansion to desktop also marks a pivot for the company towards monetizing its email service with a one-time fee of $19.99 on the Mac App Store. The mobile-only version of CloudMagic, which originally launched in 2013, is still available for free on both iOS and Android.
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