UnSubCentral Launches Customizable Preference Center

PostUp company UnSubCentral has launched a new email list management solution to decrease email unsubscribe rates.

UnSubCentral’s new Preference Center allows consumers to specify how and when they would like to receive their email marketing newsletters. The email compliance software provider hopes to increase email marketing’s return on investment by decreasing unsubscribe rates.

“The ultimate goal is to ensure that people get the newsletters they want about the products and services that they’re interested in,” says Todd Boullion, vice president and general manager at PostUp and UnSubCentral.

Preference Center is an updated feature to UnSubCentral’s email compliance platform, which first launched in Beta in July 2015. Additional email marketing features include analytics, enhanced customization, and personalized alerts.

“Under the current CAN-SPAM law, once a subscriber chooses to unsubscribe you are not allowed to contact them again, says Boullion. “That means the subscriber is gone forever from your email list, and with it, your chance of monetizing them.”

UnSubCentral’s new Preference Center is somewhat similar to Unroll.me, an email subscription management service, except that it’s designed to sit between multiple ESPS or brands and stores.

Boullion says that UnSubCentral instead uniquely collects unsubscribe data from multiple ESPs and brands, and then stores them in a centralized email list so that its customers remain compliant. 

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  1. Robin Caller from LOLA GROVE, January 26, 2016 at 5:36 p.m.

    So, it sounds kinda like what we do at Lolagrove, only their pricing is way more expensive! 

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