Stun Creative Develops In-House Ad Production Unit

Stun Creative is launching StunSpots, its own commercial production unit featuring top directors. The unit will be led by Jared Christensen, Stun Creative’s VP head of production, who reports directly to Stun Founders/Principals Mark Feldstein and Brad Roth. 

The decision to launch StunSpots was client driven. The parent company Stun Creative is a hybrid agency/production company that has specialized for a long time in promotional work, with a smattering of brand spots, tapping into a pool of freelance directors.

Now, with StunSpots the agency is expanding its commercial profile and capabilities to help increase its output and control, as well as cater to the expectations of agencies and brands which are used to working with production companies with a roster of directors. 

StunSpots launches with three directors on its roster. Patrick Biesemans is formerly an in-house Producer/Director at Grey NY, Jay Karas is a Hollywood comedy director best known for his work in episodic television, and Nick Enriquez is a documentary and commercial director. 



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