Cable TV Nets Cut Ad Clutter Slightly In Q4

Some cable TV networks slowed down commercial clutter in the fourth quarter of 2015; network executives had earlier pledged to do so.

Bernstein Research estimates that the number of non-kids prime-time advertising commercials -- excluding news and sports -- declined 1% versus the same period in fourth quarter 2014.

Commercial clutter grew earlier in the year, with a 2% increase in third-quarter 2015 and a 3% rise in the second quarter of 2015.

Viacom lowered its non-kids, prime-time commercial advertising inventory by 4% -- although Bernstein says it has room for even more improvement with Viacom networks remaining at industry highs.

AMC Networks cut back 7% in commercial inventory. Bernstein believes AMC had the luxury of increasingly large audiences in flagship programming to make such a move.



On the flip side, Fox cable networks grew 2.4% in total commercial time -- but Bernstein says it still has the lowest advertising ad load of nine major cable networks group.

A+E Networks grew 2% and NBCUniversal was up 1%, with Discovery Communications, Scripps Network Interactive were virtually flat. Time Warner shrunk its supply slightly, around 0.2%.

Bernstein said results recorded for just one Walt Disney cable network -- ABC Family -- witnessed a 10% gain.

Looking specifically at kids TV networks, Viacom’s TeenNick cutback 4% to 225.6 commercial and promo hours in daytime during the fourth quarter -- the only one of five kids-targeted networks to have shrinking non-programming content.

Nicktoons grew 4% to 252.4 hours, while Cartoon Network added 2% to 282.9 hours and Disney XD and Nickelodeon each added 1% to 263.0 hours and 254.7 hours, respectively.

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  1. Peter Losh from Undisclosed , February 2, 2016 at 4:50 a.m.

    Too little too late. There's still far too much ad clutter on cable TV, especially when there are so many ad-free streaming services available for a fraction of the price. Even many sporting events have internstional feeds, if you know how to find them, with limited or no advertising. You never realize how abused you were as a customer until you cut the cord.

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