Rubicon Project Kicks Off Global Partnership With Gameloft

As part of a global partnership with Gameloft Advertising Solutions, Rubicon Project on Thursday said it will automate mobile advertising across the game publisher’s 147 million monthly users.

With the new partnership, Rubicon aims to connect brands to millions of Zynga and Gameloft players. Notably, 53% of Zynga's players are women between the ages of 25 and 44.

Through its xAPI integration with Rubicon Project, Gameloft Advertising Solutions gains direct access to hundreds of programmatic buying platforms and thousands of advertisers worldwide for guaranteed, private and open marketplace transactions.

Joe Prusz, head of mobile, Rubicon Project, told Real-Time Daily that the new deal is similar to the partnership Rubicon made with Zynga for popular games like Words with Friends that debuted at the CES in January. Still, the Gameloft partnership is “ a more robust deal and it covers more sales channels.”



Rubicon is still testing with Gameloft, so implementation will start soon. As for the Zynga deal, Prusz said the guaranteed orders environment is exciting: “it’s new and starting to grow.” He said it is too early to say where things stand with that deal from a success standpoint.

Still, “in the gaming world, as games are loading to the next levels, these platforms have good opportunities to deliver video ads and other types of ads and gamers accustomed to them,” Prusz said.

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