Taggstar Brings 'Social Proof' to Jivox's Real-Time E-Commerce Ads

Ad platform Jivox announced on Monday it's now powering real-time ads for e-commerce sites with data from Taggstar.

Taggstar’s "Social Proof Engine" will pull real-time data about product popularity and other trends based on shoppers’ online browsing history. That data is then fed to the Jivox IQ Dynamic Ad Platform to create personalized dynamic ads. One ad over a product could read "Purchased 13 times in the last 48 hours."

Why do other people's opinions matter so much to shoppers?

For some, the message could create anxiety; if you don't buy soon, the product may be gone, Jivox CEO Diaz Nesamoney said. Other buyers might feel smart to have bought one of the last items in stock. 

"Previously, you would have asked your friends’ and family's opinion, read a magazine article, or scanned a review," Marjorie Leonidas, managing director, Taggstar, said in an email to Real-Time Daily. "Online shopping is a much more solitary experience, but the social interaction is still there... People are looking for validation that they are making the right decision.”

One Jivox client, Jack Daniels, used the tech for a campaign featuring local sports and entertainment events in a user's specific region. Another client, eBay, used audience segments from a programmatic platform and contextual data from publisher sites to find out which collections might interest prospects.

Nesamoney said Jivox can use browsing histories to identify popular products, colors, seasons, trends and other factors to create highly personalized ads.

Several pilots are happening currently, Nesamoney said, and e-commerce brands appear to be interested in the product.

Jivox appointed former eBay marketing executive Robert Chatwani to its board of directors in January. The company has a total of $27 million in funding, with its most recent round bringing in $6 million in 2014. 

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