NH Primary Day: Mobile Bests Desktop In Calls To Action

Luckily for political marketers attempting to reach last-minute on-the-go voters in New Hampshire, calls to action in emails are more likely to be clicked on by a mobile device, according to new research from SendGrid.

Voting booths in New Hampshire opened Tuesday at 8:00 a.m. ET for the Granite States' Presidential Primary, with Republican and Democratic candidates’ campaigns hitting the streets to recruit as many voters as possible. Twenty-three delegates are available for Republican candidates, while Democratic candidates are vying for 24 available delegates.

The last poll closes Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET, but early tracking polls at CNN and Politico predict Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders as the victors. That being said, New Hampshire Independent voters could provide an unexpected upset.



New Hampshire uniquely allows unaffiliated voters to participate in either the Democratic or Republican primary. Forty-four percent of NH voters identify as Independent, compared to 30% who identify as Republican and 26% as Democrat.

It is essential that email marketers in New Hampshire that are attempting to reach Independent voters optimize their emails to be read on a mobile device. Time is of the essence and calls to action within emails are more quickly engaged with by mobile consumers, according to SendGrid.

The email delivery company analyzed consumer behavior from more than 3 billion emails sent from its platform during the peak holiday shopping period, from November to December 2015. Holiday shoppers spent an estimated $12.7 billion on smartphones and tablets, per a recent comScore report. 

Emails that contain a call to action within the text of the body are more likely to be engaged with from a mobile device, according to the report. Mobile clicks are also speedier than their desktop counterparts, with mobile clicks being on average 18% faster. The average click delay for mobile is 3.7 hours, as opposed to desktop’s 4.5 hours. 

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