Smith Bros. Targets Vets For Putney

Some 91% of all FDA approved drugs for dogs and cats have no generic equivalent, but now Putney and Smith Brothers Agency (SBA) are launching the pharmaceutical company's first advertising campaign to let veterinarians learn about Putney's 10 FDA-approved veterinary generic medicines.   

The campaign highlights what the brand asserts is the importance and timeliness of Putney’s veterinary generics, captured in the line “There are no generic pets. But it’s about time their meds were.”  

“When we were first introduced to Putney, we immediately recognized the power of their message -- enabling veterinarians and pet parents to do what’s right for their pets with less concern around cost,” said Steve Hay, vice president of client services, SBA.  

The campaign includes an online video, trade advertising, display, e-newsletter sponsorship, video, paid search and social media. The first phase will target vets with later effort rolling out to appeal to pet parents and providers.  

The video can be seen here.




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