Boomtrain Makes Predictive As Simple As Drag, Drop

Boomtrain launched Monday a new user interface for its email personalization platform that leverages machine learning to predict the best content to engage with a consumer, such as a product, promotion code or visual.

Boomtrain Editor adds an automated, real-time and predictive email personalization platform to Boomtrain’s line-up of supported marketing channels. Marketers can leverage Boomtrain’s predictive algorithms to drive engagement across email, mobile, or the web.  

The technology, which learns with each use, reviews and predicts the best email content for each person, which can then be applied to a custom email template through a drag-and-drop feature.   

The new interface doesn't require IT support or pre-existing coding knowledge. Existing HTML email newsletters are also supported, and can be turned into a dynamic 1:1 email template.



The machine learning technology can build individual graphs and actually market to consumers on a one-to-one basis, says Nick Edwards, CEO of Boomtrain. 

Boomtrain also offers account services to help their clients understand their customer data.

In addition, Boomtrain announced the expansion of its partner network on Monday to include growth marketing and user engagement platform Iterable. Through this partnership, Boomtrain will power content within the email, while Iterable will be responsible for sending the actual email. 

Because Boomtrain Editor is modularly designed, it can be accessed as a standalone application, or through one of their select Email Service Provider partners, including Marketo and Oracle. 






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