Local TV Advertisers Buy Online/Mobile To Complement TV Media

Nearly three-quarters of local advertisers -- 71% -- use online advertising as a way to work with their local TV ad buys, according to a survey from Viamedia, the independent local cable TV advertising sales company.

Local TV station advertising revenues are estimated to hit $22.3 billion
this year with local cable TV getting to $7.5 billion, according to BIA/Kelsey.  

Viamedia’s survey says nearly 70% of advertisers plan to increase or maintain their local cable TV ad spend this year.  

Some 50% of respondents in the Viamedia survey use mobile advertising to complement local cable TV ad buys. Another 30% are considering including mobile advertising in 2016.

Over 60% advertise on local cable TV on a weekly or monthly basis; 80% within the past three months. More than half of advertisers are able to quantify their advertising results on local cable TV.



Nearly 40% of advertisers believe local cable TV is “very and/or significantly important” for their plans over the next 12 months, while another 33% says cable TV holds the same level of importance as the year before.

Viamedia, which sells advertising for 60 U.S. cable and telecommunications service providers, utility companies and municipalities, surveyed 12,000 recipients, receiving 600 responses, for its study.

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