New Ads And A Branding Makeover For KERA

As a public broadcast station, Dallas Public Broadcasting affiliate KERA often does fundraisers to support its programming, but this year, the station is teaming with agency Commerce House to launch a more sustained effort via a new ad campaign and brand refurbishing. 

And, unlike most PBS stations, KERA is planning a full schedule of paid media to back its new campaign. 

The new initiative has lot of components. Commerce House created everything from a new logo to new music and ads for the station as well as its individual properties - KERA TV, KERA Radio, KXT radio, KERA Kids & Family, Tellyspotting, and Art & Seek. 

The overarching #GoPublic effort is designed to increase major philanthropic donations and the campaign gets this message across its many platforms with a revamped brand identity effort. 

Music serves as #GoPublic's cornerstone thread. The agency put a lot of effort on new music for the client with help from local producer Nick Seeley. Hence, indie rocker Kaela Sinclair wrote the musical mnemonic and four tracks based on it, while Grammy winner Annie Clark (St. Vincent) wrote a track. Other Dallas musicians also participated in the effort. In all, nine original scores cover orchestral, indie pop, indie alternative, electronic dance and organic genres. 



The logo was also specially developed to support the notion of a conversation through a speech bubble and a number of symbolic elements. The custom font is curved on one edge, sharp on the other, to represent different sides of a conversation. And the color is meant to emphasize the different perspectives by combining orange and pink hues evident up close. 

“The speech bubble suggests an announcement, while the all-caps and exclamation point deliver a proclamation,” stated Commerce House designer Faiz Zuberi. “It demands your attention.” 

Initial TV/video spots are designed to connect this visual language to music and ads will run regularly in print, online, on TV and on billboards throughout the North Texas market. New creative for scripted segments will air this spring.  

Commerce House has been KERA's AOR since March 2014.


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