NBCUx Expands Programmatic To Linear TV

In a first, NBCUniversal says it is expanding its NBCUx -- its digital programmatic initiative -- for linear TV.

Beginning this fall, NBC says advertisers can use data and automation to build media plans including linear TV inventory for NBCUniversal’s cable and broadcast entertainment networks.

NBC says this is the first national programmatic TV offering at scale.

Select advertisers and their agencies can target consumers by developing media plans via a private exchange. They can use a combination of their own data, third-party data sources and NBCUniversal’s television inventory.

NBCUniversal will also offer its TV inventory to a select demand side platforms (DSP), which meet the company’s requirements. NBC didn’t go into details.

For the past two years, NBCUniversal has offered programmatic buying to advertising clients through NBCUx for its digital video and display inventory.



Other TV networks have also offered programmatic efforts with their digital content -- and some have experimented in offering programmatic for linear TV as well.

NBC has launched a number of new new data-related advertising efforts -- most recently Audience Studio, which combines data offerings through a single platform across its vast broadcast, cable and digital portfolio.

Dan Lovinger, EVP/entertainment advertising sales group for NBCUniversal, stated that NBC's goal is to give advertisers many ways to access target audiences.

The network said the new programmatic sales offering will be part of this year's upfront advertising sales process.

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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, February 25, 2016 at 10:20 a.m.

    Again, as with Bravo some time ago, NBC sets out its "programmatic" bait to lure advertisers who want to be on the "cutting edge" and exploit this much touted automated buying system with all of its promises about better targeting, into buying some, most likely, marginal time on NBC and/or its cable channels---like spots that air at 2AM or on cheapie talking head fare----via computer. And, by the way, without alternatives from rival sellers for comparative purposes. I would assume that the time charges offered to the computers for such probably marginal content will be considerably higher than those paid by human buyers for the same time---but the computers won't know this so they will chunk their way through the numbers and place some orders and everyone will be happy. NBC makes a few extra bucks and gets some experience with programmatic; the advertisers and the agencies can promote their smart, forward looking approach to media buying and, like the network, get their feet wet learning how the data is manipulated, the ensuing paper trail, etc. Last, but not least, those who hope and pray for the demise of "linear TV" and, especially its upfront buying system, lack of "transparancy", and human to human dealings will sieze uponn this announcement as if the great day has at long last come and the broadcast TV networks have finally capitulated to the inevitable. Rest easy, folks, they are just dabbling, not capitulating by any stretch of the imagination.

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