Agency Spotter Launches iPhone App So You Can Choose An Agency While Sitting On The Toilet

Oh now, come on. The most productive time you spend with your phone is while you're sitting on the toilet. Admit it. You know I'm right. And if you're a marketer, who is already categorically aligned agency selection with that of garbage collection service, what better way to choose an agency then while you're sitting on the toilet taking a sh*t?

So yeah, agency search entity Agency Spotter is out with an iPhone app that leverages its massive database of agency skill sets and algorithms to deftly and miraculously make perfect matches that are easy as swiping right and left on Tinder.

Of the app's launch, Agency Spotter Co-Founder and CEO Brian Regiencuk said: "Agency Spotter’s mobile app is just one more way we are reinventing agency search and streamlining the trillion dollar marketing services industry worldwide."

Hey, programmatic buying has removed the pesky annoyance of human beings from the media-buying process. Why not do the same for agency selection?



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