Lightspeed eCom Simplifies Online Integration For Smaller Retailers

Point of sale (POS) system Lightspeed POS announced that its eCom product is available to small- and medium-sized businesses in North America. eCom allows businesses to integrate and sync their in-store inventory with an online ecommerce site.

Lightspeed eCom integrates with Lightspeed’s cloud-based POS system, called Retail. The product also ships with responsive designs for cell phones—a necessary feature given that 90% of consumers shop with smartphone in hand, according to a survey from Session M.   

"Retailers want the freedom to sell across all channels, whether in-store, online or mobile. No matter the platform, it's all part of one continuous experience with a brand," stated JP Chauvet, CRO at Lightspeed.

As more consumers move from mobile to desktop to in-store and back again, the winning retailers are meeting them at every opportunity they can get, and they understand the differences between the channels.



60% of retailers told Retail Systems Research that getting inventory insight, real-time customer visibility and product information across channels is crucial.  However, 40% of retailers say they struggle to keep track of in-store and eCommerce operations together.

The system also facilitates the syncing of a native app with the eCom software, if a retailer wants to focus on mobile more.

Businesses can create profiles quickly and segment customers to target them with promotions. 

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