Pennzoil, Ferrari Go For 'Joyride'

Pennzoil’s "Joyride Circuit” launches on TV today.

Created by J. Walter Thompson Atlanta, the 2-½-minute film launched on YouTube March 9. It has been cut to 30-seconds for its TV rotation, which will include A&E, AMC, Discovery Channel, FX, History Channel, National Geographic, TBS, TNT, Travel Channel, USA, Velocity, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU and Fox Sports.

It is the first chapter of a three-part mini-film series that features stunt driver Rhys Millen navigating the streets of Barcelona in a turbocharged Ferrari 488 GTB. Each film within the Joyride series will feature new terrain and new vehicles, all powered by Pennzoil Synthetic motor oil. 

The film introduces a network of underground automotive enthusiasts called “Joyriders” in constant pursuit of ultimate engine performance. After locating a hidden Pennzoil test car in “Joyride Circuit,” the Joyrider takes a Ferrari 488 GTB for a spin around an empty track where it comes to life with 660 horsepower before effortlessly dominating downtown Barcelona. 



The Ferrari 488 GTB dominates the track and streets of Barcelona — drifting and precision driving on and off viaduct ramps, through tunnels, bridges and much more. 

The category norm-breaking film features only the original roar of Pennzoil Synthetics in the Ferrari engine -- no voiceover or product claims, just the pure performance of the vehicle, says Jeremy Jones, executive creative director, J. Walter Thompson Atlanta. Similar to the film’s sound design, the driving in “Joyride Circuit” is also raw and as real as it gets,  he adds.

“Together with Pennzoil we realized we wanted to stop interrupting the consumer with typical motor oil marketing and begin to produce content people would really take interest in and care about,” Jones says in a release. “People have a passion for car films.”

Pennzoil’s first mini-film Airlift Drift launched last year, and their fantastic Mario Karting Reimagined activation at SXSW in 2014.

“The more we talk to consumers and understand what they’re looking for, the more likely the opportunity for repeat conversations,” says Fernando Morales, Pennzoil campaign lead, in a release. “We received such an incredible response from Airlift Drift last year, and our consumers wanting more really motivated us to create the Joyride series.”

Besides TV, the effort also includes print, digital, email, social and radio.

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