Michelle Obama: 'I Will Not Run For President,' But Will 'Keep Pushing'

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- First Lady Michelle Obama ruled out her own Presidential run at a panel discussion at SXSW here today.

“I will not run for president. No, no, not going to do it,” Obama said at the closing of the panel discussion comprised of top women musicians and moderated by Queen Latifah.

Obama cited her daughters as the primary reason she wouldn’t consider a run for the highest office, noting: “Being the daughters of a President -- just think about it, it’s not so easy.”

While she said she doesn’t plan to go into politics per se, Obama said she plans to remain active in public service and that, in some ways, she might be able to accomplish some things outside the White House that she could not do while serving as First Lady, or even President.

“There are so many ways to impact the world -- you don’t need to be President of the United States to do wonderful things,” she said calling on the SXSW audience to consider “a life in public service.”

That sentiment -- cajoling the SXSW community to participate in public service -- was a recurring theme during SXSW, beginning with President Barack Obama’s keynote on March 12, and other speeches, presentations and panels with other members and former members of his administration, especially the U.S. Digital Service.

During her appearance today, Michelle Obama said she had no regrets in her role as First Lady, but that she would miss the interaction with people -- especially young people -- that she had in that role.

That said, she said, “there’s a lifetime after the White House” and alluded that she and her husband would continue to play a role in influencing the world.

“We will keep pushing,” she said.
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