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Adblocking: Effect, Cause, Resolution?

  • LinkedIn, Friday, March 18, 2016 10:33 AM

Writing on LinkedIn, Rob Norman, Chief Digital Officer, GroupM, Chairman GroupM North America, remarks that while ad blocking is freaking out both publishers and advertisers, there are many theories that try to explain the rise of adblocking. Norman mentions "latency of site performance, the cost of data for rendering ads, the clutter of sites, a resistance to ad tracking, irritation at being retargeted with a product already purchased and so on. Some or all of these are true some of the time." But he also notes that there's a different force in play--the simply "because I can" theory. Norman argues "if the content is available without ads it’s a superior consumer experience. The ‘covert’ contract between user and publisher that called for the acceptance of advertising in exchange for content has been breached."  He suggests that native advertising may be a good response to ad blocking, even if onerous.

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