How Do You Measure Email Success?

eTrigue Corporation, a marketing automation services provider, released a new A/B email testing solution on Wednesday that prioritizes measurement of business objectives over traditional open and click-through rates.

The new feature adds additional email success metrics to eTrigue’s DemandCenter marketing automation platform, including Web page visits, downloads, registrations and forms filled.

DemandCenter marketing customers can now automate their A/B email testing across a customizable time period and sample size, with the highest-performing email then sent programmatically to the remainder of the email list.

eTrigue’s SaaS solutions help companies increase revenue by identifying sales leads, and eTrigue DemandCenter powers multichannel demand generation campaigns and email marketing campaigns with real-time alerts, automated lead scoring and customer profiling.

The San Jose-based company also delivers email previews across 40+ email clients and devices, thanks to a 2015 partnership with email testing company Litmus.

"Marketers frequently develop their email marketing campaigns based on instinct instead of actual testing,” states Jim Meyer, vice president and general manager at eTrigue. “We've made it easy to test email, measure relevant results, and automate the process. Just measuring clicks and opens isn't always enough to determine the success of one email versus another, so we've added built-in business-relevant test criteria."

Email marketing is most traditionally measured by open and click-through rates, but this simple metric does not grant a holistic view of the success of an email marketing campaign. Conversion rates are a better precursor to business success, but don’t deliver a complete view of the customer experience over time and various touch points.

Almost half of the marketers polled in a recent DMA-sponsored email tracking report admitted to only using one testing metric to determine the highest performing email, while 17% responded that they didn’t test their emails at all.

Only 6% of marketers affirmed their confidence in the advanced competency of their email marketing testing program. 

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