Toyota Multicultural Director Details Evolution Of Business Approach

Mia Phillips, Toyota Director of Multicultural & Brand Strategy, spoke to the audience about the automaker’s evolving approach to marketing to the growing multicultural market. 

The automaker has always been a leader in multicultural marketing via agency partners Burrell, Intertrend and Conill (Saatchi & Saatchi is their lead agency, Zenith The ROI agency buys media.)

Toyota is the number one brand in all multicultural marketing —35% of sales come from multicultural market sales.

T2 Total Toyota was created to help the agencies better work together. Although it was not created as an excuse to save money, it has. It did not require a new business identity. All of the agencies  work together and retain staff.

The company realized it had an opportunity when a Toyota executive was watching an NBA game and saw there different spots for the Corolla launch. Three different spots built by three different agencies and media bought by three different  media groups.

Toyota had a multi-cultural challenge, this wasn’t just about three TV spots, it was about something much bigger.

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