Female Consumers Drive Trends, Innovations In Cars’s Scotty Reiss led a panel discussion of how women and driving trends and innovations in the automotive realm. 

Jane Francisco, editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping and Rachel Nguyen, executive director of Nissan Future Lab, agreed that women and men have different approaches when it comes to buying vehicles. 

Women are incredibly well-researched consumers, the panelists agreed. 

“By the time a woman walks into a showroom, it’s really the dealer’s sale to loose,” Nguyen says.

Women are more emotionally driven when they purchase a vehicle. They think about how they are going to use a vehicle versus men, who are more included by design or status elements of a vehicle, Reiss says.

Word of mouth is also a strong influencer on vehicle decisions, the panelists agreed. “Women listen to other women,” Nguyen says.

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