Sizmek Releases Next-Generation Open Ad-Management Platform

Sizmek on Monday announced the launch of MDX-NXT, an open ad-management platform. Two years in development, the platform enables customers to build and target ads, buy media, manage data and campaigns and evaluate their success across all digital channels and touchpoints: mobile phones, desktops, tablets, in-store.

Campaign outcomes can be measured in a single platform. The company, which bills the next-generation platform as more than just an ad-server, said MDX-NXT enables marketers to engage with consumers regardless of time and location and deliver personalized messages using real-time data and insights.

Sizmek has been testing aspects of the new platform with existing clients for the last 15 months, according to Alex White, VP, product strategy & product marketing, Sizmek.

“The platform itself is built on a new API infrastructure, so clients have direct access to the same data the user interface is displaying,” White told Real-Time Daily via email. White emphasized that the platform addresses clients’ entire strategy, not only their media strategy.

“The new platform enables us to optimize our creative to deliver the right message regardless of channel and drive strategic, omnichannel advertising campaigns for our clients,” stated Maricarmen Pavon, technology & analytics director at Wink.

“Brands that engage with customers across more digital channels convert leads far more than those with fewer touchpoints, but there is a real challenge to strategically manage those channels and personalize the experiences in a way that differentiates your offering,” stated Neil Nguyen, CEO of Sizmek.

“In order to navigate this digital divide, marketers have to focus on how to thoughtfully connect their channels, not just create a presence on every channel,” he added.

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