Allergan Launches Campaign For Viberzi

We’re guessing any agency that gets an assignment to create an ad for a product that deals with anything bowel-related can only hope for the best and be prepared for the worst. Rarely would any hint of humor find its way to the drawing boards.

Wrong! Arnold Worldwide has produced an amusing and charming campaign for Allergan’s Viberzi, a prescription medication indicated for treatment of IBS-D (irritable bowel syndrome — diarrhea) in adults and helps manage diarrhea and abdominal pain associated with it. 

The new integrated effort, “Irritabelle at Home,” features a national TV spot that launched this week, along with print, digital and a long-form film, “Intervention,” to support broadcast efforts.



A disruptive, yet lovable character, Irritabelle is personified by comedian Ilana Becker. She's bothersome, frustrating and she makes things uncomfortable. She's a manifestation of IBS-D, a chronic and unpredictable condition. And just like IBS-D, she pops up at all the wrong times. 

In the premiere 60-second TV spot, a woman with IBS-D gets ready to go out with friends. But, Irritabelle starts acting up, and takes control. She texts the waiting friends and an evening out becomes an evening in with “Irritabelle.”

“IBS-D is an embarrassing condition that may have a significant impact on patients’ daily lives,” Chuck Sabino, vice president of GI marketing at Allergan, says. “In many cases, patients wait years before seeing a doctor about their symptoms. We created an ad that is highly relatable and effective in engaging patients, motivating them to take action and speak with their doctor, so they can receive a diagnosis and appropriate treatment sooner.”

TV is running on primetime and daytime broadcast and cable on programs that skew female. Print is in weekly and monthly books that focus on heath and wellness, fitness, beauty, and general interest. Digital ads will run on similar properties.

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