Food Shoppers Seek Mobile Deals; 78% Want To Save As Much Money As Possible

In one way or another, mobile has been about changing consumer behavior.

This doesn’t always mean that behavior will be changed forever, but at least many consumers seem to be at least open to the idea.

The latest example of this deals with mobile coupons. It turns out that consumers who lean on mobile coupons for food shopping – and that’s a lot of people – often change brands for the sake of variety, according to a new study.

The majority of consumers don’t use mobile coupons, but a third (33%) do. And that’s where the behavioral change potential resides.

Nearly half (44%) of mobile coupon users like to change brands often for the sake of variety and novelty, according to the study conducted by GfK. The survey comprised a look at 6,500 products in about 600 categories.



However, there’s some good news for brands among consumers who use mobile coupons.

Overall, mobile coupons are a rather catchy proposition for CPG brands and food marketers. For example, if a food item is on sale, most (82%) consumers buy multiple units to stock up, based on the study.

This is consistent with many studies that show mobile shoppers are attracted to deals and coupons.

But then again, it appears some brands may be leaving money on the table. The majority (60%) of mobile coupon users only use coupons for those brands they usually buy, meaning they may make the purchase with or without a coupon.

There’s another downside, at least in the eyes of many consumers considering coupons from manufacturers. It turns out that more than half (56%) of those looking for deals feel they are overcharged to begin with if the manufacturer offers a coupon.

However, fewer than a third (31%) of food shoppers say it is important to receive exclusive offers, coupons or other discounts.

But when those coupons come, they better be relevant.

Almost half (48%) of food shoppers like to receive mobile coupons based on their current location.

The other concerns brands need to consider around coupons is the word-of-mouth activity after. Four in 10 (43%) of shoppers who lean on mobile coupons like to share their opinions about products or services by posting on reviews and ratings online.

This holds true for positive as well as negative feelings, of course.

And even of those people who pro-actively share their views, their counsel is often sought by others. About half (49%) of mobile coupon grocery shoppers are often asked for advice before they make a purchase.­­­

No matter the usage pattern around mobile coupons, shoppers want a deal.

The number one goal for 78% of mobile grocery shoppers using mobile coupons is to save as much money as possible when shopping.

And that is a very clear value proposition.






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  1. Scott Rothstein from PadSquad, April 6, 2016 at 12:20 p.m.

    Great read with interesting findings.What is the source for your data - I'm guessing its not all from one place.

    And, considering the downside (that users would purchase this product anyway at the higher price), do the increased size of purchases mitigate this?

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