Schick, Skintimate Cinema Ad Rocks Out With Emojis

Just in time for the warmer weather, Edgewell Personal Care, maker of Schick and Skintimate products, is out with a new music video, “Rock Your Legs,” sung by a variety of come-to-life emojis.

In cinemas throughout the country during the month of May, the video will be shown before the previews in all PG-13 and R-rated movies. It features not “fairy” but “emoji godmothers” who implore a young woman to learn a three-step leg care routine, “Ready, Shave, Shine!” Free movie tickets are on offer at retail upon a $10 or more purchase.

The four emojis and their brand inspirations are: Pink Sweater for Skintimate Shave Gel; Red Dress for Hydro Silk Razor; The Twins for Intuition Razo, and The Runner for Quattro for Women. Limited-edition “Rock Your Legs” packaging will be available in stores nationwide this month.



"We couldn't think of a more exciting, or relevant, partner today than emojis," says Dan Kinton, group marketing director for women's systems and Skintimate at Edgewell Personal Care, in a news release. "Emoji use is continuing to increase every day, especially among Millennial women. This insight gave us an opportunity to engage women in a fun and playful way."

The latest effort is part of the second year of the Shelton, Conn.-based company’s “Rock Your Legs” campaign.

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