Cardlytics' New Syndicated Audiences Solution Is No 'Spray And Pray,' Says CMO

Cardlytics announced its new Syndicated Audiences solution on Friday, and the first DSP (demand-side platform) partner for the solution is The Trade Desk.

The new product, part of Cardlytics' platform solutions suite, is the second of two audience products. The first is Custom Audiences, built directly with the client, and this one is an off-the-shelf product that will be available through additional DSPs in the coming months. (Read more on the product suite here.)

The product offers a deterministic solution instead of a 
probabilistic one, Cardlytics CMO Dani Cushion said, adding that advertisers can buy the audience product within partners' dashboards -- the way they're already buying media. 



For example, Cushion said, a marketer might target a demo of an 18- to-34-year-old women, but those women aren't all interested in the same shopping. A mom who shops at Target in that age group will be interested in different things than a single person shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue.

"We believe the best indicator of future purchases is past purchases," Cushion said. Syndicated Audiences' data is based on $1.5 trillion in consumer spend, according to the company. Credit, debit, ACH (automated clearing house) and bill pay transactions are included in the data. Cardlytics partners with more than 1,500 financial institutions, including Bank of America and local credit unions.

"You know when you're running an online or mobile campaign [with Syndicated Audiences], it's not a spray and pray," Cushion said. "You know you're reaching people who have shopped in that category."

Current syndicated audiences offerings include category buyers such as casual dining customers, frequent travelers and specialty grocery shoppers. Marketers can use the product for campaigns on display, mobile, video and TV. The product launched with about a hundred category audiences, Cushion said, and the company is working on more DSP integrations at the moment.

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