Facebook Adds Dynamic Ads To Instagram

Hoping to help retailers drive more mobile sales, Facebook is extending the reach of its Dynamic Ads -- formerly dubbed Dynamic Product Ads -- to Instagram.

Dynamic Ads feature products in which consumers have previously expressed an interest, either by viewing them or adding them to a virtual shopping cart.

“By extending Dynamic Ads to Instagram, advertisers can promote relevant products to shoppers who have browsed their Web site or mobile app across two platforms where they spend much of their time,” according to a Facebook spokesperson.

The move is partly in response to brands and businesses that have grown tired of using Instagram to promote their products, which previously involved tailoring ad creative and targeting for every product in their catalog.



With Dynamic Ads, Facebook is promising advertisers the ability to showcase every one of their products automatically on Instagram.

In testing, Instagram advertisers say Dynamic Ads showed positive results.

Jewlr, Canada-based jewelry retailer, wanted to target U.S. consumers who had viewed or added a product to their cart from their Web site, but had not followed through with a purchase.

By hitting them with Dynamic ads after the fact, Jewlr reported a nearly 300% increased return on ad spend, according to Facebook’s internal calculations.

Facebook on Tuesday is also bolstering Dynamic Ads with new travel-specific dimensions, including location and time.

The ads should help brands show relevant messages to people who have expressed interest in traveling to specific destinations, and during specific dates. 

Launch partners for the new ads include Marriott International and Trivago.

Facebook is also rolling out new options for Custom Audiences from Web sites, which are designed to address the fact that some visitors are more valuable than others. 

For example, if a business knows that someone who visits their site once a week is more likely to make a purchase in the next 30 days, they can now focus their efforts on connecting with people who have visited their site in the last week.

For Facebook, the changes are part of broader effort to establish itself as the perfect partner for retailers. To that end, the social giant added new location-based ad products for local businesses, late last year.

The company also began inviting more retailers to sell their wares right in users’ News Feeds, and on their respective brand Pages, last year.

Last year, Facebook debuted Flightplan -- a self-serve ad tool that combines dynamic product ads and local awareness ads to promote locally-available products to people near a physical store.


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