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Google's DoubleClick For Publishers Gets Native Ad Support

Google has updated DoubleClick for Publishers to make it easier to sell native ads that look good across device screens including mobile Web sites, apps and desktop sites, the company said Tuesday. "The move underscores Google's aim to enable native advertising via programmatic ad exchanges, though right now it affects only ad sales where there is a direct relationship between publisher and advertiser," according to a report in Ad Age. "Native ads seen on desktop can look the same or radically different on mobile, depending on various publishers' strategies for each screen, according to Tom Bender, group manager at Google DoubleClick. Google's solution works by asking marketers to provide individual ad components such as headlines, images and article text, then fits them to each screen. Bender said it's challenging to build custom ad units, to integrate them in the ad server, sell and traffic them: "We designed this so it can truly support custom, proprietary ad formats."



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