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AppNexus Strikes Back Against Google's Attempt To End Header Bidding

AdExchanger reports that since Google opened up its ad server and brought exchange bidding to dynamic allocation, a month ago, publishers, ad tech and media companies have been asking many questions but receiving few answers. "People in the industry want to know: How much will Google charge? Nobody seems to know. What kind of data will publishers be able to access? Unclear. Where is the proof that Google won’t prefer itself over everyone else? Nobody’s seen it. Since Google hasn’t adequately answered questions about how the project will work, AppNexus has preemptively decided not to participate. Instead, the company is doubling down on header bidding, according to Tom Shields, AppNexus’ SVP of publisher strategy. AppNexus will officially support its header bidder within Index Exchange’s wrapper. Index Exchange will do the same, putting development resources behind its integration with the AppNexus-created PreBid wrapper."



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