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Survey: What Key Factor Is Hindering Programmatic Adoption?

Programmatic advertising still has some work to do on the education front. "Despite the hype around the automated-buying technique, research by digital agency Theorem found programmatic to account for just 8% of total media spend in the U.K. As part of overall marketing spend, that figure falls to sub 1%. The research conflicts with other studies, but raises a valid question. However much it’s touted as a towering automaton, here to disrupt the digital ad industry for good, could it be that programmatic adoption isn’t the unstoppable tide it’s been made out to be? PerformanceIN asked approximately 100 of its performance marketing audience to see which key factors, if any, are hampering programmatic’s adoption." And almost a third -- 29.8%, -- "claimed that a lack of understanding among advertisers is showing itself to be programmatic’s key resistor. Given the ever-growing number of vendors and marketplaces that work within the channel, is the benefit of programmatic truly being explained adequately to potential clients?"



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