That Floyd Hayes Is At It Again, This Time With An Amazon Dash Button For Instant Creative

Floyd Hayes is a freelance creative. But he is way more than your average freelance creative. He's more like a freelance creative on steroids. Over the years he has continuously launched innovative mini-promotions that stretch creativity as well as build business for himself. 

In the past he's sent out a 3D replica of his head, he launched the World's Fastest Agency that would deliver concepts via 140 character tweets, he launched Twipple, which was a pay-it-forward sort of endeavor that urged people to do something kind in public; he auctioned off his voice on eBay to shout a brand's name every 15 minutes; he launched FreeIdeas, which was a program to give away one free idea a week from the hundreds of ideas he had stored in notebooks and on hard drives. And those are just a few of the crazy things Hayes has done over the years. 

Now Hayes has launched the Emergency Creative Director button -- an actual, real product based on Amazon Dash Button technology. As you may know, the Amazon Dash Button is designed to automatically order and ship specific products from Amazon when pushed.  



In response to the all-too-common situation in agency creative departments where big jobs come up suddenly and freelancers are needed to fill the headcount gap, Hayes used Amazon's new programmable button that can be set up do any number of things. In this case, when pushed, the button will send a text to Hayes so he can spring into action on behalf of the agency pushing the button. 

The button won't actually be in action, as they all sold out immediately upon launch. Hayes expects to receive his button in August when he will put it in action for agencies.


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