Integral Ad Science And Mediaocean Partner To Enable Advertisers To Transact On Viewable Impressions

Integral Ad Science on Thursday announced a partnership with Mediaocean that’s designed to make it easier for media buyers to plan, transact and report on advertising campaigns using Integral’s viewability data. Mediaocean has incorporated Integral’s viewability data into Prisma, Mediaocean’s digital media management platform.

With data displayed in Prisma within the user’s existing workflow, clients don’t need to log into multiple platforms or upload Integral data separately. The integration allows Prisma users to invoice, reconcile and pay for viewed impressions using Integral’s viewability data.

Scott Knoll, Integral CEO, told Real-Time Daily via email that the integration makes it easier for the company’s partners on the buy and sell side to transact using its discrepancy-free viewability data. It will also allow brands to feel more confident that the right audiences are seeing their ads. “Prior to this integration, transacting on viewability was a major operational challenge. We've  [now] made that process seamless for all of our partners.”



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