Adtile Gets 360-Degree Ads, Puts User At Center Of Action

Adtile Technologies, a mobile startup that focuses on multi-sensor ad tech, has announced a new product called Adtile 360 that will deliver ads in a 360-degree environment.

Mobile virtual reality (VR) is taking off both as a bridge/teaser for full VR and as a format in its own right, with companies like Google releasing Cardboard and Daydream, and Samsung’s Gear VR.

The ads will allow ad-makers to build video ads that have adjustable viewpoints based on how the user is holding their device. Adtile’s technologies use the magnetometer, gyroscope and accelerometer within phones to provide orientation and smoothness to the ad experience.

“The appeal of 360° videos is that they put you smack in the center of the action. The user is no longer a passive observer, but actively in charge of the medium. That is an extraordinary gift to give to the user and a dynamic vehicle for brands to tell beautiful stories,” stated Nils Forsblom, CEO and founder of Adtile Technologies. 



There may be something to that appeal, as Samsung recently reported that one million people have used its Gear VR, the product of collaboration between it and Facebook’s Oculus division.

Ad-makers can access a template in AdTile’s Motion Store that generates an iOS and Android format; it can be served in interstitial, expandable, or other formats.

The company announced in April that it would raise an additional $2 million as an extension of their series A funding.

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