GumGum Launches In-Content Video Ad Format

Ad tech firm GumGum on Tuesday launched a new cross-platform video ad unit that it says will allow marketers to run viewable and relevant content at scale.

The new unit, called In-Content Video, is a cross-platform, autoplay video unit that has a customizable banner that appears in media pages instead of being limited to video inventory. GumGum says the new offering complements its existing ad formats, In-Image and In-Screen. The In-Content Video unit allows marketers to run scalable video executions across GumGum’s network of more than 2,000 publishers. In-Content Video is viewable by design and leverages GumGum’s proprietary targeting capabilities.

The format is optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. It  expands within article content when the page is in view, and collapses when out of view, leaving behind customized display ads.

GumGum says the new offering will be helpful to publishers in that they won’t have to create more video content to sell video ads against. The ads can stand alone, thus opening up more inventory for advertisers that won’t be limited to what they can run pre-roll against.

“With In-Content Video, we’re blending the ability of outstream video with its customized ad creative,” Brian Kim, VP of product development, GumGum, told Real-Time Daily via email. Kim said the new unit allows advertisers to run auto-play video across  publishers, but it also leaves behind a display ad that fits within the content of a publisher's Web site.


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