Sanpellegrino And The Joys Of Wandering

Sanpellegrino Sparkling Fruit Beverages (SFB) is introducing Delightways, its new campaign to celebrate the "joy of wandering" while hopefully drinking its beverage. 

The project required a team approach led by Ogilvy & Mather New York along with partner agencies Team N, Deep Focus, Epsilon, Revelry and Metavision.  

Ogilvy developed the campaign's centerpiece which is a new app that helps users navigate through select cities. However, unlike most mapping apps that direct users to the shortest paths, Delightways recommends unique routes with interesting experiences, such as bold street art or secret parks that have been identified through local influencers and Foursquare.  

"Even when we don't know how to get somewhere, we default to mapping apps that send us there in the most straightforward way," says Alfonso Marian, chief creative officer, Ogilvy & Mather New York. "But when you wander, you open yourself up to being surprised, to discovering new things even in familiar places. And that’s what the app does: it encourages you to wander. It’s called Delightways because that’s the emotion that surprise triggers: pure delight." 



Team N created an influencer strategy and program to help raise awareness for the beverage brand, Deep Focus developed the social media program specifically for the app, and Epsilon is introducing a non-conventional shopper marketing component to drive sampling and in-store promotion. As part of this project, the agency developed an SFB vending machine that can only be accessed via a QR code in the Delightways app. 

There are also free bike weekends in partnership with bike share programs in NYC, LA and Chicago over the course of the summer to encourage consumers to explore their cities in a new and interesting way. And there will be an Italian-themed sampling truck in key markets and at select retailers.  

Revelry will raise awareness for the brand at Outside Lands Music Festival, where a sampling truck will offer SFBs and encourage consumers to download Delightways. 

Metavision is managing media negotiations, planning and buying relationships and assessing performance and results.   

Lastly, Active Theory is responsible for the technical development of all elements of the app that are visible to the consumer. 

The campaign's strategy is aimed at both those living in major cities and online fans. The app launches in markets including New York, San Francisco,Chicago, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, L.A., Miami, Seattle and Washington D.C.

Plus, the program will be supported by print and banner advertising, as well as strategic partnerships with local influencers, celebrity talent including actress Shay Mitchell who is using the app on her travels and media companies including New York Magazine, InStyle, Huffington Post, Thrillst, Goop and the Gothamist.  

There will also be a launch party, live events, original content as well as support on social channels. 

This campaign follow's last year’s global brand launch of Sanpellegrino's ‘The Life Deliziosa’, developed by Ogilvy & Mather New York, with front-end development support from Active Theory.

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