ConvertMedia Integrates With Nearly A Dozen DSP And SSP Partners

ConvertMedia, an outstream video supply-side platform (SSP), on Wednesday announced partnerships with almost a dozen demand-side platform (DSP) and real-time bidding (RTB) companies. The deals will offer access to ConvertMedia’s outstream video portfolio, which includes more than 10 ad formats for desktop and mobile, such as what ConvertMedia refers to as Inline, Interstitial, Slider, Coffee Break, and Slideshow.  

The new partners are: Eyeview, Gamut, Giant Media, Index Exchange, PubMatic, Pulsepoint, Rubicon Project, StackAdapt, SundaySky, TubeMogul, and Videology. 

"As the conversation between publishers, consumers, and advertisers is changing given ad clutter and ad blocking, we think outstream video is a powerful creative format that will improve the user experience," ConvertMedia Chief Revenue Officer Chris Scott told Real-Time Daily via email. "We want to place the control in publishers' hands and give them a platform where they can choose from 15 different types of outstream units and set conditions, including viewability, skippability, and audio controls." Scott explained that ConvertMedia is not only offering new ad formats and higher yields, but also the ability for publishers to reduce ad clutter on their pages.



"SundaySky is pleased to connect with an SSP like ConvertMedia that specializes in outstream video, recognizing that outstream is now a valuable inventory source for advertisers seeking quality viewable video placements," Mark Flaharty, COO, advertising, SundaySky, told Real-Time Daily via email.

“One of the primary key performance indicators for our advertising clients is viewability,” stated Jon Levinson, senior director, partner development at TubeMogul. He said that ConvertMedia’s outstream ad units are highly viewable units and offer strong completion rates. 

“As an SSP, our primary focus is to provide best-in-class management tools and choice for our publisher clients to maximize ROI and deliver an optimal user experience,” stated Yoav Naveh, CEO and Co-Founder, ConvertMedia.  As outstream video gains more traction in the market, Naveh said ConvertMedia aims to offer DSP and RTB partners seamless access to viewable video inventory.

By partnering with ConvertMedia, publishers can still provide their own demand sources of inventory and their own demand partners, or run other RTB partners through the company’s platform, according to Naveh. The company said the advantage it's offering is a more direct connection to media buyers and an efficient way to facilitate the various parameters required for outstream video advertising programs.


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