Clinton Gains Obama's Email Juggernaut

Hillary Clinton will soon leverage President Barack Obama's expansive email network for her presidential campaign, according to party insiders and as first reported by The Hill

President Obama’s re-election campaign in 2012 revolutionized the role of email marketing in political campaigns, and the President is estimated to have raised over $500 million via the email channel.

Obama’s email marketing team raised the majority of online donations to his 2012 campaign, which totaled $690 million from 4.5 million supporters, according to a MarketingSherpa case study. The average donation was $53.



Although Obama’s email list is several years old at this point, staffers have kept it fairly active by using it as a channel to promote the President’s legislation and to garner support for fellow Democratic candidates and politicians.

Clinton’s email marketing campaign is already several levels above presumptive Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s, and the addition of Obama’s email juggernaut will increase Clinton’s fund-raising advantage.

Trump, who self-financed his own primary run, is now in dire need of an infusion of cash for his campaign and trails Clinton’s campaign coffers by at least $41 million, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Trump sent an “emergency” fundraising email to subscribers over the weekend -- the first time the Republican candidate asked for donations from his email subscribers. 

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