TV-Like Quality In Video Devices Could Mean Ad Gains

A study says getting a high-quality “TV-like” experience on all new digital video devices is of major importance to consumers -- which can translate into big advertising revenue gains.

Overall, 86% of viewers say it is “very or extremely important” to get a “TV-like” quality experience every time they watch, and on every screen they use, according to a Verizon Digital Media Services’ report.

As a result, Verizon says ad-supported video services could see an ad revenue increase of 25% from higher-quality transmission.

Higher quality could mean a 10% drop in customer churn for subscription video on demand platforms. For TV network/creators, high quality can increase engagement by 25%.

Mobile viewers will give up watching after 13 minutes of poor viewing quality, when it comes to average viewing time of 59 minutes. On PCs, viewers will abandoned after 16 minutes after 81 minutes of average viewing time.

Two-thirds of weekly streaming video viewing is happening on tablet, mobile and PC.

Research is based 1,007 US-based consumers that watch 14 or more hours of streamed video a week.



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